Even those with a modest understanding of search engine marketing realize that link building is a major component to increasing search engine rankings. As many realize, each and every link placed on the internet acts as a vote towards a website’s placement. Again, most people are well aware of this. What they are not aware of is the fact that these process needs to be employed for the various subpages on the site. Such an SEO strategy is known as “deep linking” and it is vital for the success of an online marketing campaign.

Most website publishers will exclusively optimize their homepage. Certainly, this is a wise idea because the landing page is the main page for your site. However, it is critical that you do not overlook the importance of the subpages. This is particularly true if these subpages are based around an individual theme that could easily stand on its own in a Seach Engine Optimization campaign. In some instances, there will be visitors that might only be interested in the items that appear on the subpages.

Or example, an entrepreneur that is promoting a used book website will certainly use the home page to promote a very general marketing campaign. Common keywords that would be employed would include “used books,” “used books for sale”, and “cheap used books” among other obvious keywords. But, what if there is someone looking to specifically purchase a certain genre or theme? Well, if the site offers such items then it could provide for this customer’s needs. However, the quandary that is present is the fact that the potential customer would have to visit the homepage first and then follow it to the subpage that is promoting the particular product he/she is seeking. The problem here is that the keywords the person will type in the search engines may not have anything to do with the keywords that have been optimized on the homepage.

For example, if the individual is looking for “home improvement books” or “fitness books” and the website has only optimized the homepage of the site, the visitor may never find his/her way to the subpages that would offer such books.

Again, this is why an effective deep linking strategy intended for the optimization of the subpages is an absolute must. It simply increases the ability to successful market to those customers that would otherwise be missed in a generic marketing campaign. These days, it is not easy for any business to earn money. Actually, it is never easy for a business to succeed regardless of the economic climate it finds itself. With a depressed economy, however, the ability to succeed is even more difficult. That is why more expansive Search Engine Optimisation steps are required. You simply do not want to miss out on any opportunities to connect with a potential customer. Missed and lost opportunities are certainly not helpful as all entrepreneurs will agree.

Some may wonder how expansive their deep linking SEO strategy needs to be. For those with 15 or so subpages, the costs involved with such a linking strategy might be a little out of their budget range. The key here is not to look at deep linking from a ‘zero sum’ perspective. In other words, do not look at it from the process of optimizing all 15 pages or none. You could optimize one page at a time based on your budget. Or, you could always pick the most important subpages for your needs and only optimize them.

Another cost-effective process you could employ is simply taking part in a barebones SEO strategy. You could just purchase a few cheap links for the subpages. Or, perhaps, you could simply write a few promotional articles for the various directories now and then while putting mostly all of your resources into the homepage.

For those that DO have the budget for an expansive deep linking/SEO strategy, it is possible to put as much effort and energy into the subpages as possible. Such an investment would certainly prove valuable over time.

Whatever strategy you follow will, ultimately, prove irrelevant. The key point here is that you do not ignore the subpages on your website since you want to expand your success potential greatly. The subpages are there for a reason. Why not put them to good use?