Is it not surprising that each and every day new means of promoting a product or service on the internet finds a new forum? Recently, there has been a lot of hub about, well, hub pages. Are they truly as worthwhile as some profess them to be? In all honesty, they are not only worthwhile, they have the potential for taking a faltering internet marketing campaign and giving it a huge boost.

What are hub pages and why should I look toward using them as part of my internet marketing campaign?

Hub pages have been called a cross between a social network, and article directory, and a traditional website. This does raise the question why bother with a hub page when the other venues exist? Basically, you should use ALL of these venues to promote your business. When you leave areas underdeveloped, you can potentially lose business. That certainly is not the way you would want your business to turn out.

Back to the topic at hand which are hub pages. Hub pages serve as free sites where you can publish content on basically any subject that you wish. This can be done just for the fun or it or it can be done to promote your professional pursuits. Some may wonder what the benefit of hub pages are. The positives of using hub pages are fairly vast:

Unlike an article directory, you need to screen your content through an editor. Of course, there will be rules and terms of service with a hub site. However, the rules generally do not present stringent editorial control. So, you can immediately publish your content on the hub site without any delay. The lag time on article marketing sites can be upwards of a week. Requirements for re-writes or revisions can add even further delays which probably will not be all that appreciated.

Of course, hub pages are free and they do not come with the costs associated with publishing a website. This allows hub pages to serve as an excellent venue for free advertising. You need not dip into your budget to publish content on hub sites. For many internet marketers, budget is a major concern. Free publishing venues can help keep a budget under control.

Hub sites also have a large number of members and followers. As soon as you publish content on a popular hub site, it can be viewed by scores of people traversing the site. This can certainly help boost the recognition of your website in the eyes of those that come across it. The fact that hub sites and their corresponding subpages achieve a lot of traffic certainly helps business a lot.

Hub pages can also be used to drive traffic to a particular website. This is a common process most people employ when they build hub pages. Integrating links pointing to the website into the text of the hub page is common practice. And yes, it can yield a tremendous amount of direct traffic to the prime website.

Those links will also be indexed by the search engine. Such links will definitely be counted highly by the search engine robots. This will aid in increasing the ranking of the website in the search engines significantly if you are regularly adding hub pages as part of your online marketing campaign.

Hub pages definitely have much to offer those looking to expand their internet marketing potential. Consider that a major recommendation for exploring your options for publishing on these sites. They are available for your free use and can deliver an enormous amount of traffic. For those that want to inexpensively expand their internet marketing ventures, hub pages may prove to be an excellent option.