Facebook marketing is so popular that it draws in people from all facets of sectors of business. Facebook is the tool that will allow you to harness the power of social media and bring these followers to your website. This is assuredly a good thing since Facebook’s marketing potential opens the door for tremendous entrepreneurial success. However, most people do not take advantage of all the benefits that Facebook offers. Case in point, one of the very best strategies to employ would be to develop a Facebook Event. What is a Facebook Event? It is a “virtual” version of a very traditional marketing strategy.

Simply put, a Facebook Event is no different than any other “in person” event that you would attend. The most obvious difference here would be the attendees would interact through congregating online through Facebook.

The classic concept of the “open house” is perennially employed to draw people in to look at property that is for sale. In a similar vein, many tradeshows are employed to draw various consumers and business associates into a collective area in which products or services can be effectively promoted. All of these types of events share a common theme: they bring people to a physical location. With Facebook, you can perform much of the same promotional strategy and do so online. This is where the aforementioned concept for a Facebook event comes into play.

The way a Facebook Event works is that you can use your profile to craft a public event in which any can (virtually) attend. How does this work? Basically, this means no passwords are required to venture into the events. The event would be visible to all members of Facebook and anyone can ventures into its “doors”.

This does not mean that only Facebook members will know about the event. It is possible to work with others on the various top social networking sites such as Myspace and Twitter. This allows you to take all the necessary steps to promote the event to anyone and everyone that wishes to attend. They will, however, need to create a free Facebook membership in order to attend.

What type of an event could you promote? Using the previous example of an open house, such an event could be employed to promote timeshares. During the event, audio, video, and pictures can be used to present the value of the timeshares. Of course, there is even greater value within the Facebook event than just the presentation of visual displays. The Facebook event allows for communication and interaction between the attendees. This is what turns it into an online event as opposed to something dull and static.

It is recommended, however, that you take the appropriate steps to properly learn how to run such an event. You do not want to muddle through the event without any preparation. To do so can undermine all the value and benefit that you are seeking from the event in the first place. A poorly run event will not help with the image of your company.

One way to make sure the event is run effectively would be to start with a small one. Perhaps you could seek to promote and event attended by only 10 people. Use this initial event as a means of gaining the valuable experience required to enhance the potential success of the next event you run.

And when you do run a full event you are advised to promote it long in advance. This way, you can be sure that it will be well attended. Sending out too few invitations and sending them too close to the event will not yield desired results. However, effective planning will yield the desired impact on the potential number of attendees.