Online marketing can be done nowadays through multiple mediums, each targeting a specific audience and each having its own benefits. Special e-mail offers, paid search results, or promotion through contextual ads are all marketing methods that have proven their effectiveness.

Video marketing is a more recent promotional method that works, sometimes with impressive results, in today’s bustling online environment. Websites like YouTube have done quite a lot to indirectly promote it.

Video marketing is an effective means of reaching a target audience. It can help quickly spread word about your website, whether it’s a personal blog, an e-commerce website, or something else.

Knowing your targets
Just like any other campaign in general, video marketing requires first and foremost an elaborate plan of action that takes into account the scope of your website, its direct competitors, and its aspirations. The idea you’re trying to get across also plays an important part: if your website promotes a dancing class for children, for example, then it will be quite easy to capture footage of a lesson and put it online; but if you offer Internet services, then you will need to use your imagination to promote your business through videos.

Only after you have a plan and realistic goals can you concentrate on the more practical things.

The format of your videos
Because there is quite a lot of playback software out there, you’ll have to know what your target audience is likely to use so that the format of your videos will be supported. In general, to avoid compatibility issues, stick with popular video formats. Format becomes less important if you plan to post your videos on your YouTube or other video website channel, where it will be automatically converted and embedded into the site.

The quality of your videos
HD videos are the most attractive, but they can slow down a website. If you cannot guarantee a high quality browsing experience with HD, then stick with standard, good quality videos. Sound quality is important as well.

Put a logo in your videos
Create more awareness of your brand by inserting the logo of your firm at the beginning and end of your videos.

Choose where you upload your videos wisely
YouTube and other similar websites can help you get some free exposure. They’re straightforward to use, and they can make you known to a huge audience. When using such video websites, make sure you are informed about all their guidelines, or you might find your videos removed and your marketing campaign halted.

Research all the available options
Depending on your website, video marketing on popular video channels may work or may not. Sometimes it’s more effective to post your videos on affiliate or partner websites because of the strong competition you might face within the popular video channels.