Pay-per-Click (PPC) marketing is not something that will necessarily work from the moment you start it. PPC has become increasingly popular lately, meaning that making money with it has also become harder than it used to. Nevertheless, it can still be profitable and, if you’re doing it right then you can boost the income of your website noticeably. Here are five tips that you might find useful:

1. Assess the long term value of your PPC customers.
Have you ever looked at the statistics to discover how many purchases will your average PPC buyer make each year? If you haven’t then you should. If the data tells you that your PPC customers are in the habit of making multiple purchases per year, then you can settle for a smaller commission for the initial sale, knowing that in time you’ll be the one gaining.

2. Promise a lot if you expect to get clicks.
The ads you use should promise big things if a lot of people are expected to check them out. The landing page of your business must also be at the same level with the ads. It should keep the visitors hooked and tempt them to such an extent that they cannot refuse. The product pages must also be attractive and, of course, the offerings themselves as well. Over-delivering almost guarantees your PPC campaign will work, regardless of the segment you’re into.

3. Base your cost per conversion targets on the category of the product you’re promoting.
Set a clear limit as to how much you’re disposed to spend to get a PPC buyer and stick to it. Make changes to the ad groups every now and then in order to remain within this limit. You must have accurate data before you can implement this step successfully, so make sure you double check the figures.

4. Sometimes it’s better to make ads less appealing.
When you’re after return on investment you’re more inclined to have only certain customers click your ads. Having less attractive ads can be a good strategy when dealing with broad keywords and your intention is to get only the qualified buyers to click them. It helps you keep at bay those customers which are solely after discounts.

5. Make sure your PPC landing page is optimized for search engines.
Because search engines look at the text within the page and at the load time when assessing relevancy, which in turn influences the PPC price and positioning of the ad, you should make the improvement of your landing page a priority. Enhance the accessibility of the landing page as well. If you have the resources then don’t hesitate to hire a professional to handle the SEO work of this page for you. It’s an investment well worth it.

PPC will not get you rich overnight, and if you expect that to happen you’ll be disappointed. A successful PPC marketing campaign is an ongoing process that eats up both money and time. It depends not only on how well you manage your ads, but also on the products you’re trying to sell. The better they are, the greater your chances of making money.