If you have ever clicked on a website and waited for what seems like near eternity to open, you have some idea of how search engines feel about those sites. The spiders sent out to crawl around a website looking for hints of what the site is about are essentially lazy little critters. If they can’t immediately find what they are looking for, they leave and head off to the next web to crawl.

This may also be happening to your visitors. In today’s internet age people expect instant gratification and that applies to their internet exploring as well. How many times did you click on a link and after five to even 10 seconds close it down with the inner voice comment that you don’t have time for this.”

If you were patient enough to wait you could be rewarded with a glimpse of one of the best looking sites ever built. When flash programming first hit the internet the bandwagon couldn’t hold everyone jumping on it and it didn’t take long for programmers to realize that the search engines just weren’t interested in sites built with flash.

By appearance alone, flash delivers some of the best graphic representations available. In reality, pretty doesn’t always translate into sales. In the case of search engine optimization it may not even translate in to being indexed by search engines let alone showing up in the search engine results pages. However, as good as it may be to produce a simplified website to be engaging to your visitors as well as to search engines, no matter what business you are in you will need to make a professional statement.

Your 10-year-old child may be good on computers, but do you want your visitors to see someone’s first-ever effort as representing your company? If you are going to have a website you will need to design it to make a case for customers to enter. Think of it is the front door to your business. Ask yourself, if it was a traditional brick-and-mortar business how likely would it be for customers to feel comfortable walking when they pass by?

The old adage of keep it simple is part of the equation for a well-designed website, but it also has to be functional. A good looking website, to be attractive to search engines should also be without frames. They tend to limit the spiders in their thirst for knowledge and leave your site as low as possible, if indexed at all. To investigate customer ease, go through your site like a customer and insure everything works as expected. Dead links are the bane of the internet and frankly, there is just no good excuse for them.