With the addition of Social networking sites to Google’s search definitions, social media marketing has become more important than ever. Your page rankings can now rise and fall based on the number of Facebook fans you develop or the number of re-tweets you generate. This puts the marketing spotlight right back onto social media. While many companies are already exploring social media as a marketing tool, that will need to expand in the coming year. There are many options for advertising and marketing using these networking sites, so take the time to plan a strategy that will work with the atmosphere of social networking.

Because social media is now a determining factor in search engine results, it needs to be prominently displayed on all of your web content. Make it easy for people to become a fan with a quick link to Facebook. Let them subscribe to your feed with a Twitter link and join your network via LinkedIn. Don’t forget to offer them a button for your YouTube channel as well. The easier you make participation, the more likely people are to click a button and improve your rankings. Do not only place these buttons on your web page. Also include them on any web content you post. If you have a blog include the links, if you write and post articles, embed the links. Get those links posted as far and wide as possible to create the results you are looking for.

Keep in mind that unlike other advertising and marketing efforts, social networking is not passive. You can not simply post something and expect a desired result. You must interact with fans and other interested people to generate additional page views. The basic fact of social media is that it is social. That means that you must engage in conversations and post regularly. If you don’t keep your interaction levels high, fans will quickly stop visiting your site and sharing your posts. By keeping the tone more casual and informative in this setting, you create the needed atmosphere for growth. Users on sites like Facebook are often looking for a break from daily activities. Include a certain level of humor to encourage them to relax and communicate on an individual level.

Incorporating social media in your marketing campaign is a necessary part of growing your business online. By maintaining several social media outlets, you maximize your potential market place. Users that prefer Twitter don’t always login to Facebook and vice versa. YouTube content is very different from the expected posts on text based systems. You must seamlessly integrate all of these communication methods to open your business to the widest possible audience. Placing artificial limits on your profit potential is not a healthy way to run a business.

With SERP placement also dependent on social media, it is no longer something that you can afford to ignore. Build a fan page today and start sending tweets with current promotions and sales. The dual result of a higher page ranking and direct social media marketing can help your business expand exponentially.