Small businesses are often stretched for both time and resources, making them vulnerable to the idea that there are guaranteed ways to go viral on Facebook. It is true, that there are some techniques that will quickly go viral, but they do not usually help with business and sales. The most important thing to remember about marketing on Facebook is that it is not all about the highest number of views. To be successful using Facebook marketing campaigns, you need to combine humor, current information, multi-media presentations, expertise and consistency. Many business owners in search of the quick fix may decide to pursue strategies that are not good for long term success. Below are three big things to avoid when using Facebook.

1. Be My Fan? If your business spends tons of time importuning people to become a fan, it is wasting time. Certainly you want to offer the option, but sending out massive numbers of requests or making hundreds of posts to that effect will not have the results you are looking for. Sure, it is tempting to simply spam the forum to try and pick up some high fan numbers, but it will not lead to conversions and long term success. Some people will certainly add your company, but then they will block it from their news feed, completely negating the benefit of them adding you in the first place.
2. Spamming. Internet users as a whole are not happy with spammer tactics. Most people will simply ignore items they perceive as spam. When it first started to be used via email decades ago, it had some success in the market, but it is not a tool for a legitimate business. Long term success requires that you establish your business as a legitimate expert in your industry. Spam does just the opposite. If you are confused about the term as it relates to Facebook, there are some actions that can be considered spam, even though they do not involve email. Posting direct sales information that is not on topic on multiple forums is an example of Facebook spamming.
3. Never Lie. The Internet always remembers, so never, ever lie or misrepresent a product or service on Facebook. The recipient will not hesitate to call you out on it on your Facebook page. Sure, you can delete their post, but that often leads to more backlash than the original post would have as consumers perceive you as trying to sweep the mess under the rug. Facebook is a forum where consumers appreciate the truth. Sure, you may lose out on one sale, but the potential customer will remember and value your honesty for the future.

Do not fall into the trap of thinking you can enjoy instant success without effort. It simply is not true. However, when you put in targeted effort to maximize your marketing attempts, you will see eventual success. Pursue legitimate marketing efforts to create an image the will lead to long term, consistent, sales increases.