Are you maximizing the experience your visitors have to your website or blog? Many people spend a great deal of time optimizing their website and blog. They use SEO properly, create great content and have become authorities in their niche market. One thing that many people tend to overlook is their social media share buttons. Where are you sending the visitors who have taken their time to visit your site or blog? Are you maximizing your visitor’s experience?

Using social media share buttons is one of the best ways to maximize the exposure of your website. By simply adding the ability for readers to share your content, you are increasing your circle of influence. This will drive more traffic to your site. More importantly, you will find that people who may not be in your normal circle of influence are viewing your site. The two most important social media share buttons should be Twitter and Facebook.

Buttons For Twitter
Social media share buttons for Twitter can be found on the Twitter website. Twitter has it’s own button that gives readers the ability to tweet your content. You have your choice of buttons:
• Share a link
• Follow
• Hashtag
• Mention
By adding one of these buttons to your website or blog, you are making it easy for your information to be shared. For example, if your website tells readers about the importance of Life Coaching, your content will discuss the latest news about the benefits of this service. When a reader finds a piece of information useful, they will see, clearly marked, the ability to share this information with their followers on Twitter. This is a great way to have the services you provide broadcasted to a new audience free of charge.

Buttons For Facebook
If you aren’t maximizing the benefits of your information being easily shared on Facebook, you should be. There are two popular share buttons for Facebook.
Facebook Like Button: Allows people to “like” a post on your website or blog. This “like” then becomes public on their Facebook page and is visible to all of their friends.

Facebook Share Button: Allows people to “share” a link from your website directly onto their Facebook page. This is seen as an update and is visible to their friends. The Facebook Share Button also allows those that see the post to click on the link and be taken to your website. This is a great way to provide information and offer services to those outside of your businesses natural circle of influence.

Both the Facebook Like Button and Facebook Share Button are simple social plugins. Instructions on how to use are found on Facebook’s site.

Social share buttons are a simple and free way to maximize the exposure and visibility of your website. It only makes sense that if you have taken the time to properly search engine optimize your site and create great content that you make it easy for your visitors to share that content with their circle of influence. By taking the time to put social media share buttons, at least to Twitter and Facebook, on your website you will see your reputation as an expert increase.