Many businesses are utilizing Facebook and Twitter to maximize their marketing efforts. One social networking platform that is not used effectively is LinkedIn. There are many benefits of listing your professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is well known as the best social networking site for professionals. Many people think that LinkedIn is only for those that are seeking professional employment and networking opportunities. While in part this is true, LinkedIn does offer all types of businesses the chance to market and grow. Does LinkedIn offer a way for SEO strategy to be used?

Surprisingly, SEO strategy does work on LinkedIn. Google considers LinkedIn an authority. This means that you can use LinkedIn to boost the rank of your website and/or blog. The process of optimising your LinkedIn profile is in your actual personal profile on your account. Your profile is the optimal place to include SEO links and strategies. This is done in a few simple ways.

Profile Picture: Make sure you have a professional image for your profile picture. Google targets pictures in a similar fashion to actual links. Having the same professional image on all of your social media platform sites is very important. Hiring a professional photographer to take your professional headshot is well worth the investment. You will then have a high-resolution photograph that you can incorporate into your business and personal brand.

Professional Information: You can make your bio as simple or as complex as you wish. Your bio is the perfect place to insert optimised keywords and key phrases. As is the case when using all keywords and key phrases, be very thoughtful about word placement. You want your profile to read with a natural flow, not choppy with random keywords that don’t make sense. The very least amount of information that your profile should contain is a link to your website that is clearly visible. Once people have found your profile, you want to make sure they know how to learn more about you and your services.

Unique Profile URL: Having a unique profile url makes it easy and quick for people to find you. A unique url also makes it easier for someone to come back to your profile at a later date. A custom url also makes your LinkedIn profile SEO friendly regarding searches for your name.

Anchor Text: LinkedIn allows you to create a unique anchor text to your websites within your profile. Simply click ‘edit my profile’, scroll down to ‘websites’, click ‘edit’ and ‘other’. You will see an extra box where you can type in your keyword title and your website url. This is a huge SEO advantage that many people overlook.

LinkedIn may seem like a site that is only good for those that are seeking professional employment. However, there are many advantages to utilizing LinkedIn as a professional and as a business. LinkedIn offers many SEO advantages. Any business or professional can use LinkedIn effectively to increase their search engine ranking. This is one social networking platform that you do not wish to ignore.