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May 3 , 2012 In: SEO, Social Networking

Are You Optimizing LinkedIn?

Many businesses are utilizing Facebook and Twitter to maximize their marketing efforts. One social networking platform that is not used effectively is LinkedIn. There are many benefits of listing your professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is well known as the best social networking site for professionals. Many people think that LinkedIn is only for those [...]

October 4 , 2011 In: SEO, Social Networking

Social Media Sites; Now a Tool for SEO

With the addition of Social networking sites to Google’s search definitions, social media marketing has become more important than ever. Your page rankings can now rise and fall based on the number of Facebook fans you develop or the number of re-tweets you generate. This puts the marketing spotlight right back onto social [...]

At the heart of every search engine optimization campaign is the task of creating content. When we speak of content, article marketing is the one thing that instantly comes to mind. By writing short SEO articles on your niche or industry, you can start generating organic traffic, create backlinks, and effect viral distribution of your [...]

Let’s get this straight: all your search engine marketing efforts are practically useless if you don’t utilize some effective SEO landing page strategies. Why? Because your landing page is the entry point of all your traffic and leads. For this reason, you should optimize it for the search engines in the most excellent way that [...]

March 22 , 2011 In: SEO, Website Design

Extreme Designs May not be SEO Friendly

If you have ever clicked on a website and waited for what seems like near eternity to open, you have some idea of how search engines feel about those sites. The spiders sent out to crawl around a website looking for hints of what the site is about are essentially lazy little critters. If they [...]

Search engine optimization strategies are never east to employ. Most people realize this. Even though some of the concepts may seem simple on the surface they will frequently rely on a steady and knowledgeable hand in order to be performed effectively. What does that mean for those that might not be very experienced or versed [...]

August 23 , 2010 In: SEO

Hub Pages for Internet Marketing

Is it not surprising that each and every day new means of promoting a product or service on the internet finds a new forum? Recently, there has been a lot of hub about, well, hub pages. Are they truly as worthwhile as some profess them to be? In all honesty, they are not only worthwhile, [...]

May 10 , 2010 In: SEO

Google Engineer Matt Cutts Talks SEO

A good summary right from the source!

If you’re not using Yahoo! Answers to promote your business, you’re missing a great opportunity to reach people who might otherwise not see your message. Like forums, Yahoo! Answers provides an opportunity to answer questions, promote your business and enjoy yourself at the same time.
The following tips will make your Yahoo! Answers marketing efforts more [...]