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May 3 , 2012 In: SEO, Social Networking

Are You Optimizing LinkedIn?

Many businesses are utilizing Facebook and Twitter to maximize their marketing efforts. One social networking platform that is not used effectively is LinkedIn. There are many benefits of listing your professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is well known as the best social networking site for professionals. Many people think that LinkedIn is only for those [...]

Are you maximizing the experience your visitors have to your website or blog? Many people spend a great deal of time optimizing their website and blog. They use SEO properly, create great content and have become authorities in their niche market. One thing that many people tend to overlook is their social media share buttons. [...]

Can 140 characters change your business for the better? Twitter caught the world by storm, creating an environment where people shared short messages about themselves with the world and people started paying attention. What began as personal outbound messages quickly shifted to the business market. When businesses began using Twitter, the face of customer service [...]

In the past few years, twitter has really taken the social media world by storm. For a time, it was the fasting-growing website in the history of the internet, and it now stands proudly among the top ten most visited sites on the web.
However, as such a new tool, the rules of the game are [...]

Small businesses are often stretched for both time and resources, making them vulnerable to the idea that there are guaranteed ways to go viral on Facebook. It is true, that there are some techniques that will quickly go viral, but they do not usually help with business and sales. The most important thing [...]

October 4 , 2011 In: SEO, Social Networking

Social Media Sites; Now a Tool for SEO

With the addition of Social networking sites to Google’s search definitions, social media marketing has become more important than ever. Your page rankings can now rise and fall based on the number of Facebook fans you develop or the number of re-tweets you generate. This puts the marketing spotlight right back onto social [...]

Using social media to promote a brand takes the same dedication, patience and time that any marketing campaign requires. There is no such thing as instant sustainable success. Using Facebook as a marketing tool is a great way to begin building an online presence to gain brand exposure. Here are some great [...]