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Can 140 characters change your business for the better? Twitter caught the world by storm, creating an environment where people shared short messages about themselves with the world and people started paying attention. What began as personal outbound messages quickly shifted to the business market. When businesses began using Twitter, the face of customer service [...]

In the past few years, twitter has really taken the social media world by storm. For a time, it was the fasting-growing website in the history of the internet, and it now stands proudly among the top ten most visited sites on the web.
However, as such a new tool, the rules of the game are [...]

I joined Twitter on December 29, 2008. Right around the start of 2009, most people were either on vacation, not in the office, or spending time with family. All the talk was about the phenomenal growth that was happening at Twitter. I’m not sure I fully understood what it really was all about. Why do [...]